The Danbury Arena Learn to Skate program offers classes for tots to adults and we have classes for every ability level.  Our Program follows the ISI Learn to Skate curriculum which provides a progression of levels and skills for all skaters to learn at their own pace.  Learn to Skate classes are offered all year round at convenient times and affordable prices.  All Learn to Skate classes include unlimited public skating during the semester of your lessons.


Danbury Arena Figure Skating Department

Figure Skating Director – DANNON HALISKOE


(203) 794-1704 extension 110

Available Classes Winter 4 In Session

Wednesday Classes

Start Date:  February 21, 2018

End Date:  April 4, 2018

Weeks & Price:  7 weeks – $126

Next Session:  Spring 5 (Apr 11-May 23)

Thursday Classes

Start Date:  February 22, 2018

End Date:  April 5, 2018

Weeks & Price:  7 weeks – $126

Next Session:  Spring 5 (Apr 12-May 24)

Saturday Classes

Start Date:  February 24, 2018

End Date:  April 7, 2018

Weeks & Price:  7 weeks – $126

Next Session:  Spring 5 (Apr. 14-May 26)

Class Descriptions

Primary Level Classes

The starting point for those who are new to skating or have never taken formal lessons before

Tot 1 (Age 31/2 – 6)

Skaters learn the proper way to fall, proper way to get up, marching in a standing position, and marching while moving.

New Skater (Age 6 – 12)

The proper way to fall and get up, march across the ice, 2 foot glide and dip while moving. Rocking horse and introduction to swizzles & wiggles.

Hockey 1

Players learn to fall down and get up, rock side to side, jump, walk and run on the ice, forward glide, swizzles, snow plow stop and forward strides.

Secondary Level Classes

For skaters who have passed one of the primary level classes

Tot 2

For the Tot 1 graduate – skaters will learn the sills of a two foot jump in place, forward swizzles, and two foot glides.

Tot 3/4

For the Tot 2 graduate – skills in Tot 3 include push and glide stroking, preparation for snowplow, stops, dips and forward swizzles.


For the new skater graduate – skills include one foot gliding, forward and backwards swizzles, 1/2 pumps, push and glide stroking and snowplow stop.

Adult (Age 13+)

Skaters will learn forward & backward swizzles, forward & backward crossovers, 1 foot gliding, forward and backward stroking, 3-turns, etc.

Advanced Level Classes

For skaters who have passed the secondary level class sequence

Hockey 2

For Hockey 1 graduates – skills include stops & starts, crossovers, backwards strides, agility turning and pivoting with more emphasis on edge work and overall hockey strides.

Hockey 3 (Ages 10+, Skating Experience Required)

For players looking to focus on techniques to strengthen skating skills. Stops & starts, crossovers, backwards strides, jumps & dives, turning and pivoting.. sticks and pucks used.


For the Pre-Alpha graduate, skills include forward stroking, forward crossovers, one foot snowplow stop, backward 1 foot glide and back pumping.


For the Alpha graduate skills include backwards crossovers, backwards stroking, T-stops, Backwards snowplow stop and two foot turn on a circle


For the Pre-Gamma graduate – skaters will learn the skills of forward outside 3-turns, forward inside mohawk combos and hockey stops


For the Gamma graduate – skills in Delta include bunny hop, lunge, shoot the duck, forward inside 3-turns, and forward edges.


For the Delta graduates – skills in Freestyle include spiral, waltz jump, salchow, toe loop, two foot spin, one foot spin, and scratch spin.