Learn to Skate at Danbury Arena

The Danbury Ice Arena has skating classes for Adults too. Whether you are a beginner, a long time skater, or just want some exercise, we have skating classes for Adults of every ability level. Sign up with your friends or meet new ones! Our small classes and professional instructors will work on your balance, technique, and improving your skating skills. Classes are at convenient times to suit your schedule as well. Our Program follows the ISI Learn to Skate curriculum which provides a progression of levels and skills for all skaters to learn at their own pace. Learn to Skate classes are offered all year round at convenient times and affordable prices. All Learn to Skate classes include unlimited public skating during the semester of your lessons.


Danbury Arena Skating Department

Skating Director – DANNON HALISKOE


(973) 655-8013


For the skater ages 18 and older. Skaters learn the skills of forward/backward swizzles, two foot glide, one foot glide, forward C-cuts.


For the skater ages 18 and older who has completed Adult 1 & 2 requirements. Skaters learn the skills of stroking, forward/backward crossovers, backward C-cuts and snow plow stops.